ICVS Questionnaires

The ICVS questionnaire is available for research purposes, provided

  • The source of the questionnaire is mentioned in any publication based on your study
    "The questionnaire used in this study is based on the International Crime Victims Surveys 1989-2020" www.icvs-crime.eu

  • The project team is informed

  • You conform to high quality survey methodology

  • The data is made available to the project team and you agree that the data is added to the main database

  • If you publish the data in international comparative context, refer to the integrated database of the ICVS
    "Data from the International Crime Victims Surveys 1989-2020" and refer to the key publication your comparison relates to.

The ICVS questionnaire has gone through some changes over the years . We did our best to keep changes to a minimum in order not to corrupt the comparability with earlienp data from this project. The basic (or standard) versions can be downloaded here.

Some countries may have added (or deleted) questions. These data are missing from the database since international comparison is not possible.

2018 Main Questionnaire Version

  • It is the most comprehensive questionnaire to date.

  • The questionnaire is now designed for computer assisted interviewing. We assume now that face to face interviewing from a paper version does not exist anymore. The questionnaire is therefore equipped for any type of computer assisted interviewing.

  • The questionnaire is more or less "open source". Use the questionnaire, but let un know. Comply to the methodological standards and make your database and publications available to the project team.

  • You may conclude that items are not relevant for your study. Please consult us before deleting any items or make any other modifications, You do not want to compromise the international comparative aspects of this project.

  • If it meets our standards, we want to add your data to our integrated database. Download the annotated version

You may contact us at icvs.crime@gmail.com or contact any member of the project team.

Main versions over time.